I Smile

I smile when there is conflict in my family

I realize it’s their dance they enjoy naturally.


I smile when I hear of complaints during the season

As some don’t have a home for a good reason.


I smile as I think of the freezing cold

As I’m warmed by the beauty of fresh fallen snow.


I smile when I get stressed out

Remembering that all I have to do is to breathe out.


I smile at the pushing, the rushing, and the noise

It’s all about getting those special Christmas toys.


I smile when I think of gaining extra pounds

It means enjoying good food with love all around.


I smile when I think I don’t have enough

For it is about love, not the stuff.


I smile when I don’t have more money to spend

It’s not money, but loving thoughts that never end.


I smile when I can’t decide what to do

It reminds me of all the abundance from which to choose.


Just take a moment to absorb what you’re grateful for

And treasure the memories you adore.


Listen to the seasonal bells ringing

And be blessed with all the Angelic voices singing.


Wishing you and your family a joyous season,

Carole Stokes-Brewer