Remember the Feeling of Being in Love?

“Loving yourself may seem like a really hard thing to do. But it’s the greatest gift you’ll ever give yourself. If you’re waiting for someone to do it for you, you’re really only wasting your time.”~Rosa Livingstone, Self-Sabotage: The Art of Screwing Up: Understanding the How, Where, When, and Why We All Do It!


Remember the feeling of being absolutely in love? Nothing could stop the sparkling stars from circling your head like a never-ending halo. There was no doubt that you were in love. That indescribable feeling!

If the love doesn’t mature, little daggers come along and shoot your stars.  In its place are hurts, injuries, and insults that distance you more and more from all the star connections. The stars travel back to the universe. When all the stars are gone you wonder what mess you have gotten yourself in.  Then you become starless.

Over the hours, days, months, and years, love fades.  Yet, there is a way to retrieve your stars.  While a simple solution, it is hard to do.  The solution?  You have to forgive each of those stars.  Forgive each hurt, each injury and all the insults.  With each one that you forgive a new star travels to your halo.  This is the beginning of loving you.

There is one love that cannot be overlooked.  It is the greatest love of all. The greatest love can be found within you.  Loving yourself and giving it away is the greatest feeling, gift, and love of all.

Try these ways to bring out the love within you:

·       Identify your strengths.  It may be a talent, the art of giving, sensitivity, understanding, a skill, a calm, an energy.  List all of them.

·       Feel that part of you that you like and others like.  Bring it to the forefront and sit with it.

·       Believe that you are here with a purpose.  You may not know what that is.

·       Elicit the spirit to believe that you can be a source for others and for yourself.

·        Act as though these strengths

·       Remember to forgive the daggers that shot your stars

If you need to, create a new universe.  Imagine for a moment traveling on a star. It’s brightness and speed   Stars always seem to smile. Smile with it. You are partners working together for love.

Above all, know that the greatest love of all is inside you and happening to you.