Do You Feel Like You’re Always Falling Short Of Your Potential?

man on a peakDo you often worry that you’re not reaching your potential and that life is passing you by? Are you feeling pressure at work or from family members or friends to make a change in your personal or professional life? Perhaps it seems like everyone around you has a solid career, plenty of money and/or is married with children, and you wonder if something is wrong with you for not achieving these milestones. Or maybe you feel like something is missing from your life, but you can’t quite put your finger on what. It might be that you’re trying to break an undesirable habit, but nothing you try works. Or maybe you’re dealing with a phobia, social anxiety, test anxiety or a fear of public speaking, and feel like a failure for not being able to get over your issues and get ahead in the world. Perhaps you know what you want and believe you can achieve more, but setbacks continuously impact your self-confidence and motivation. Do you wish you felt confident on your chosen path and valued by and connected to the people in your life?

It can be frustrating to feel stuck in life, worrying that you’re not living up to your potential. You might strive to reach certain goals, but always feel like you’re falling short. Perhaps you know that what you’re doing isn’t working, but feel unsure of better avenues to take. Or maybe you constantly compare yourself to others or blame external factors, such as not having enough money, the right relationship or a certain skill set, for your lack of personal or professional success. Perhaps you’ve simply come to a point in your life when you know that something needs to change. Regardless of what you’re struggling with, do you want to believe that you’re on the right path and have that “ah-ha” moment when who you are and what you’re doing really clicks?

You Are Not Alone

Although it can seem like everyone else has it all figured out, the truth is that we all struggle and feel stuck at various points in our lives. While some people may not want to admit their shortcomings and act as though they have it all together, we all experience fear, struggle with uncertainty and wish that at least some aspect of our lives were better.

While impermanence is the only thing that we can count on, human beings as a whole are generally fearful of change. Many people stay stuck in unhappy jobs or relationships because they fear that the grass really may not be greener on the other side. Other people stay stuck in equally unhappy situations because they fear that they’ll fail to make the change they seek. It’s common to say there’s not enough time or not enough money to make change possible. Sometimes, it takes an epiphany or crisis before people are compelled to move out of the safety of familiarity and toward how they really want their lives to be.

It’s been said that attachment is the root of all suffering, and as humans, we attach—even to people and situations that cause us pain. No one likes to experience loss and the accompanying grief, but loss is a part of life and without it, there is little room for growth. In order to move to the next stage of personal development, we sometimes must detach, like a young child separating from a treasured doll or blanket.

While personal growth and change can feel scary, it doesn’t have to be, especially when you are supported in your grief and growth. The good news is that personal development is an ongoing process, and if you’re ready to affect meaningful change in your life, you can. A skilled, experienced and compassionate personal development therapist can help you tap into your inner strength, sharpen your resiliency and move through obstacles with increased clarity, vigor and ease.

Personal Development Counseling Can Provide You With Relief, Insight And A New Path Forward

With guidance, support and the sincere desire to affect change in your life, anything becomes possible. In safe, confidential sessions, you can express anything and everything without fear of judgment. Sessions are a time for you to self-explore, figure out who it is that you want to be, develop skills, create goals and devise actionable steps to achieve the development, growth and success you’re seeking.

Together, we’ll identify and build upon your innate personal strengths and resources, which can make it easier to work through both ongoing and current obstacles. We’ll also spend time figuring out what is standing in your way of success and devise thoughtful, manageable steps you can take to toward your goals. Oftentimes, it is difficult to see the forest through the trees, which is why so many of us get stuck looking at a situation—or life in general—through a single perspective. As we develop your strengths, I’ll also help you gain the clarity needed to shift your perspective. With a new and empowered outlook, new possibilities and opportunities inevitably open up.

Man on an overhang looking over valley riverI know that everyone is different, which is why I’ll draw from various, effective modalities to tailor create a therapy strategy that best addresses and supports your unique needs, values and goals. We can use hypnosis to work through addictions and phobias; EMDR to clear through unresolved trauma, heightened stress and specific troubling issues; psychotherapy to help shift how you perceive yourself and the world around you; and mindfulness and breathing techniques to help you become present and calm even in the midst of challenges.

I take a holistic, interactive and collaborative approach to therapy, with a focus on helping you discover new possibilities and achieve your goals. With more than four decades in practice, I know that it is possible to experience significant relief and develop the skills and awareness needed to continually work toward self-growth. With guided, trusted support, you can make exciting personal discoveries about your strengths, potential and desires. You can work through challenges and make the changes needed to tap into your authentic self and achieve personal fulfillment. It is possible to cultivate the strength and resources needed to break and make habits and step into an empowered personal space in which you feel accepted, valued and connected.

You still may have questions or concerns about working with a personal growth therapist…

I just continue to fail. Nothing works, and I’m not sure that anything—even working with a therapist—will help.

It’s true that many—if not most—people hit stuck points in their lives and feel as though they’ve failed and might be doomed to continue failing. No matter what you’re grappling with, it’s important that you don’t give up. There are many avenues to the same endpoint, and you just haven’t found yours yet. In sessions, we can work collaboratively to figure out what it is that is getting in the way of achieving personal growth, breaking bad habits and/or reaching important goals. I can help you tap into your innate strengths as you figure out what it is that you truly need to foster your success.

I’ve heard that therapy can be time-consuming and expensive.

Therapy does take time and money, but it’s also an important investment in your wellbeing. I invite you to consider how long you’ve been struggling and/or feeling stuck. Personal development counseling can help you break through barriers and truly affect meaningful change in your life. I also invite you to consider what your life might be like if you continue to make self-growth and development a low priority. Staying where you are might cost you a relationship, job, sleep, stress and/or your health. If you really want to grow and create new opportunities, I invite you to be proactive and take a step forward. And, like most things in life, you get out of therapy what you put into it. If you show up willing and motivated, you can gain the skills, insight and direction needed to foster growth in your life without needing long-term therapy.

I feel like I should be able to work through these challenges on my own like everyone else. Is there something wrong with me for needing help?

There is nothing wrong with you for seeking help. We all experience challenges, losses and transitions in life, and we all sometimes need help. There is no shame in seeking help. In fact, it’s a sign a strength—not weakness—to ask for guidance and support when feeling stuck or lost.

Make Personal Discoveries And Affect Change In Your Life.

If you’re in Cincinnati, Ohio and want to make or break a habit, create motivation and direction in your life or work through a life transition, I can help. I invite you to call 513-244-6990 for a free 15-minute call. I’m happy to discuss your needs and goals and answer questions you have about personal development counseling and my practice.