Between stimulus and response there is a space.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom. ~Viktor Frankl

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5 Difficult Family members and how to deal with them on a Day of GivingThanks

The day is here! Your anxiety rises for the unexpected. The door opens. Thanksgiving guests are here to celebrate blessings. But wait! For many, those Thanksgiving expectations can be sadly piercing. Like the first cutting of the bird on the table. You hope that it’s not blood that oozes. You brace yourself. What has to happen to get through turmoil of difficult family members? See if your Thanksgiving gatherers are among the following five:

October the Month of Fear: Taming anxieties

Halloween is a time to be fascinated with scary thrills and ghostly images. The creative and colorful costumes and expectations of tricks or treats give definition to this hallowing event. While some take advantage of a fun experience with acts of threats such as destroying candy, or clowning around in effort to produce a real fear. Halloween deserves to be a more cautious time in midst of the celebration. However, there are other unpredictable fears that lurks. They are the fears within.

Jumping Off the Merry Go Round: 10 Ways to Break the Cycle of Addiction

A day doesn’t go by anymore without hearing about the epidemic of alcohol and drug use. It has become the routine of the news. Drug busts, friend’s overdose, a mother’s tears from her son being shot are the sad stories that dilute the real tragedy: the inability to get off a spinning and spiraling cycle. There are those who are on the merry go round of addictions, those who love them and can’t pull them off, and those who want to jump off. So, how do we jump off from the spinning effects? Check out some ways to silence the chatter of the addicted mind.

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