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When Life Gets in the Way: Understanding Your World View


There are times that life gets in the way. The unexpected too often interferes with the goals we are trying to accomplish. Would you like to see a technique that can fight back at the interference? Read more to find out how to achieve a more stressless way of living.

When Life Gets in the Way: Understanding Your World View2018-06-11T22:52:57+00:00

The Face of Challenge


Is there something you need to face? Maybe it’s losing a few extra pounds, or just finding ways to make a relationship work. There are so many challenges we face. Politics, crime, severe weather, business dealings and relationships are challenges always changing. To prevent stagnation, challenges that impact our space, and complicate our outlook need to be faced.

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Grieving is difficult. We grieve losses of family and friends, and even our pets. Lost or stolen objects can also be a source for grieving.   Such setbacks can take a toll in our quality of living. A flood of sadness, anger, guilt and sometimes fear interfere with our dreams and it becomes difficult to make rational decisions. Sadly, it takes time to manage the journey of loss, and to deal with the depression that follows.

OH, THE MEMORIES I HOLD: STAGES OF LOSS2018-02-26T17:11:43+00:00

What You Need for a Satisfying Relationship: Know Yourself


We are either growing or withering. Not knowing yourself is like being blindfolded and asked to follow a trail to the path of somewhere. And, you will end up somewhere. Not knowing can create anxiety, sadness, low self esteem and difficulty in relationships.

What You Need for a Satisfying Relationship: Know Yourself2018-02-05T22:26:05+00:00

How to Balance Life During the Holidays:  6 ways that make it work


It’s the time of the year where many of us rush through the days wondering how to get everything done.  Time seems limited and there are far too many things to do.  Stress is at its height. This is the season where we crave good relationships and good food.

How to Balance Life During the Holidays:  6 ways that make it work2017-12-08T17:50:50+00:00

What are you holding on to?


Are you able to identify how often you say or don’t say, do or don’t do things based on how you think things affect others? Can you identify a time you wouldn’t do something or say something for fear you would “hurt” someone’s feelings? Or perhaps, you respond in certain ways with hopes someone would like you or to potentially avoid situations to prevent someone from not liking you. We’ve all done it to some extent. So we go through life hoping to control the emotions and responses of those around us.

What are you holding on to?2017-10-06T19:31:02+00:00