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The Season for Giving and Receiving


This is the season for giving and receiving. Some gifts we receive are better than others. Some gifts are for fun, some we have no need for, and some we treasure with long-term meaning. I have some holiday gifts for you. It is my hope that you find meaning in each gift. Read on to unwrap them and find the meaning for you.

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5 Difficult Family members and how to deal with them on a Day of GivingThanks


The day is here! Your anxiety rises for the unexpected. The door opens. Thanksgiving guests are here to celebrate blessings. But wait! For many, those Thanksgiving expectations can be sadly piercing. Like the first cutting of the bird on the table. You hope that it’s not blood that oozes. You brace yourself. What has to happen to get through turmoil of difficult family members? See if your Thanksgiving gatherers are among the following five:

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October the Month of Fear: Taming anxieties


Halloween is a time to be fascinated with scary thrills and ghostly images. The creative and colorful costumes and expectations of tricks or treats give definition to this hallowing event. While some take advantage of a fun experience with acts of threats such as destroying candy, or clowning around in effort to produce a real fear. Halloween deserves to be a more cautious time in midst of the celebration. However, there are other unpredictable fears that lurks. They are the fears within.

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Disappointment is Knocking: Are You Going to Open the Door?


I don’t know why I had forgotten the power of the feeling of disappointment. How crushing! Like a boulder that crashes on a road, creating an explosion of negative thoughts, self-pity, anger, and sadness. Then comes the repetitive replaying of what went wrong. It goes on and on and on.

Disappointment is Knocking: Are You Going to Open the Door?2018-09-20T20:04:03+00:00

Jumping Off the Merry Go Round: 10 Ways to Break the Cycle of Addiction


A day doesn’t go by anymore without hearing about the epidemic of alcohol and drug use. It has become the routine of the news. Drug busts, friend’s overdose, a mother’s tears from her son being shot are the sad stories that dilute the real tragedy: the inability to get off a spinning and spiraling cycle. There are those who are on the merry go round of addictions, those who love them and can’t pull them off, and those who want to jump off. So, how do we jump off from the spinning effects? Check out some ways to silence the chatter of the addicted mind.

Jumping Off the Merry Go Round: 10 Ways to Break the Cycle of Addiction2018-08-01T15:22:49+00:00

When Life Gets in the Way: Understanding Your World View


There are times that life gets in the way. The unexpected too often interferes with the goals we are trying to accomplish. Would you like to see a technique that can fight back at the interference? Read more to find out how to achieve a more stressless way of living.

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The Face of Challenge


Is there something you need to face? Maybe it’s losing a few extra pounds, or just finding ways to make a relationship work. There are so many challenges we face. Politics, crime, severe weather, business dealings and relationships are challenges always changing. To prevent stagnation, challenges that impact our space, and complicate our outlook need to be faced.

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Grieving is difficult. We grieve losses of family and friends, and even our pets. Lost or stolen objects can also be a source for grieving.   Such setbacks can take a toll in our quality of living. A flood of sadness, anger, guilt and sometimes fear interfere with our dreams and it becomes difficult to make rational decisions. Sadly, it takes time to manage the journey of loss, and to deal with the depression that follows.

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