“Life always gives us another change: It’s called “To Move On”.”
― Ana Claudia Antunes


Life is full of challenges. They either set you back or propel you to heights you never thought possible. Imagine what it would be like to live a life beyond what you ever thought possible. Learn how you can create inspiring life-altering events. Move on to storm through confusion and recover a miraculous life-altering experience that begins a life of promises.

Profound life events

It’s probably fair to say that most people have experienced a situation that has made a profound impact on their life. Whether it was an accident, an illness, a break up, lost job, loss of a love one or other devasting experience, they always make an impression. Reflecting on these experiences reveals how something major changed for you, even if it was a brief one. For some, just knowing that others cared made a difference. Others sadly spent their time chanting “why me?”

Some live to tell about their life-changing events. Others keep their experience sheltered. Some situations are life-threatening, while others awaken a new meaning of life. Think how life changing events you’ve had impacted your life.

The Science behind the life changing event

When devasting life events happen, the mind and body absorb the trauma. Stress creeps in and causes anxiety and depression. The longer it lasts, the more severe the consequences on our health. Problems with concentration, lack of interest in previously enjoyable activities, and fatigue and insomnia can result. Blood pressure may increase and weight gain or weight loss is common. The event could be short or long term. The longer the stressor, the more chronic the results.

Exhilarating experiences causes excitement and joy. The mind and body also absorb the energy that leads to joy and physical well-being. When the outlook is positive, coping skills and cardiovascular health improve.

Kinds of life changing events

The Unexpected

These kinds of events can range from negative or positive events. Situations that result in unexpected illness, accidents, imprisonment or death of a love one. Some events are forced like relocation, bankruptcy, weather destruction or a loss of job. Exciting surprises, i.e. winning a lottery, receiving an award, connecting with old friends, or finding a special lost object are always welcome events.

The Expected

Then there are expected events that take place, i.e. getting married, graduating, having a baby, retirement or the dream vacation can be the element that made a difference.


Expectations can be created. Your attitude, plan, and follow through can make this happen. This is how we make the change happen for our personal benefit for the better. It’s the fear that it won’t work for you that interferes with success. You learn that the follow through is the success. Change an attitude to change a way of life.

The unexpected, the expected and intentional can all have positive or negative outcomes.

It’s the attitude that harbors the meaning

Sometimes things don’t work as planned. Recently, I had a full day of exciting plans in preparing for a book signing. I was making flyers, sending invitations and making labels when all of a sudden, the printer stopped working. It had been working fine, only a few moments ago. There just went a half day of productivity. What happened? After a moment of disappointment, I thought that this interruption in my joy may have been a gift that something worse could have happened had I been driving out and around town. The good thing is that it all got done.

There are those who have been able to turn a devastating event into a life challenge worthy of making a difference for others. They are the master minds who find valuable meaning in life.

You can turn those traumatic and devastating experiences to reap the rewards of good emotional and physical health. Here’s how.

It’s amazing how many dancers and athletes with prosthetics have the determination and inspiration to practice hard and succeed with their passion. They are not victims. They purposefully are adding meaning to their life.

Selena Gomez was diagnosed with lupus. There is no cure for lupus. Nick Cannon, Lady Gaga, Toni Braxton and Seal, are some of the few celebrities that have lupus.

Actress Halle Berry and celebrity chef Paula Deen also have announced that they have diabetes. Every year 1.5 million cases of diabetes is diagnosed.

Michael J Fox has Parkinson’s Disease. The National Parkinson Foundation estimates
That 50,000 to 60,000 new cases of Parkinson’s are diagnosed each year in the U.S.

Often people become depressed when they learn they have a debilitating illness. Actually, depression is one of the biggest complications when dealing with a debilitating situation.

The strength comes in conquering the illness and finding new meaning.

While it is important to grieve the loss of what had been or what could have been, there are new ways of conquering the unexpected. That is through giving new meaning to the situation.

It’s when the world is always seen as a gloomy place that adds a layer of bitterness and misery.

When confronted with a tragedy, you have to learn to put down the heavy weights and begin to create new meanings.

Creating your Life altering experience


Step 1   Stretch your comfort zone

Do One Thing Differently

Recently, I was traveling abroad and met someone born overseas who is now a US citizen. He had an excellent command of the English language and described how successful his US business became in his brief 7-year stay. “How did you do it?” I asked. He said that in his country, there were no opportunity for the kind of success available in the US. Unemployment was very high, and work was almost impossible to find. He saw enormous opportunities, because he saw what could happen. What he examined was that he moved out of his comfort zone. He said that he sees too many Americans seek comfort and won’t move out of their comfort zone. “You have to do something uncomfortable to make success happen. For me he said, I learned a new language, studied a trade, and stepped out of my comfort zone to hang a sign “Open for Business”. Yes, it does take hard work, struggles, worries, and even doubt creeps in. You have to do one thing differently for a while in order for it to become part of your comfort zone.

JK Rowling, author of Harry Potter series was depressed before her success. Her mother died and husband left her with their young child. She was on state welfare. She began writing…daily…and realized that the writing was alleviating her depression. She is now one of the richest authors.

Step 2   Believe

You really can do it. It’s the doubt that interferes with your dreams and efforts. One of the most frightening risk is to stand up and lean back and let who is behind you catch. And every time you think you want to do something differently, ask yourself how to make it bigger. THINK BIG. That is true trust and belief. So, you want to start a business, begin a relationship, gain more wealth.

Tyler Perry, the famous actor, play writer and director grew up abused and ended homeless, living in his car. He had a variety of jobs and believed in saving his money. One of the most intentional things he did that led to his success was believing in himself…even when he failed. The key was that he learned something from his failures. “I would not stop believing,” Perry says in a YouTube video. Tyler Perry went from homeless to making $400 million through determination that he was going to make his dream happen.

Believing in yourself is crucial. Many successful people i.e. Elon Musk, Steve Jobs and many athletes have learned to look at their failures as opportunity for their success.

Think Big

Step 3  Take a leap

How can you change your life for the better and create a phenomenal experience for this life you live?

Nike says it well, “Just do it.” How do you just do it when in your mind you face the impossible?

Take the Leap:

Write down the big think you wish to accomplish. Under it, list the steps you think it takes to make that big dream come true. Be sure to get all the steps in. When complete (you may think of others to add later), place them in an order that reflects what might need to be done first. When you have decided, do it right now. Stop and do it as soon as it is possible. When completed, you’ll finish, you’ll have a sense of relief and accomplishment.

Arianna Huffington was the founder of one of the most commercially successful online news publications, the Huffington Post. When she started, she was discouraged by many to be wary of failure. When it comes to risk-taking, she says “Failure is not the opposite of success — it is the stepping stone to success. For anyone who is an entrepreneur, that is perhaps the most important lesson.”

The leap is not accomplished until you keep taking the same step over and over. That’s called practice and practice, until the very thing that kept you in your comfort zone expands to a new level.

Write your next step. Then follow what needs to be done. Do it every day. Repetition makes it easier.

So, you ask, can life really be different for me. Yes! Ask how to change the meaning and go after that which I desire.

There are ways to make changes without drama, tragedies, or drastic life changing events. Think for a moment to imagine a difference. Think BIG. See yourself with the difference you would like to see. THINK BIGGER! See yourself in a different environment. Where are you? Note the abundance of all that is around where you are. Thinking big is the secret to your success. As soon as you have an idea of what you would like to be different. Think again. Think bigger. Keep asking yourself how this could be bigger. Now it’s time to begin to let this idea or dream work for you.

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