Privacy Policy

All communications between a client and psychotherapist are confidential. Any information that may need to be disclosed (i.e physician, other professionals) require your written permission. There are some limitations to confidentiality in therapy. If a client is harmful to self or others, the appropriate help is sought. By law, some situations are required to be reported. Abuse of children, the elderly, and mentally or physically handicapped are required to be reported to appropriate authorities.

If your insurance coverage is paying all or part of the costs for therapy, you automatically give them consent to request information.  They will require a mental diagnosis.

If you fail to settle an account balance, then your name may be submitted to a collection agency.

In rare instances, records may be subpoenaed by the court.

If you wish to communicate with me by email, you are giving persmission that I can respond to your request.  Emails are not sold or used for spam, only to communicate with you personally.

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